Fasting and Adrenal Dysfunction

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In this episode of ReInvent Healthcare, we have my friend and mentor, Kyle Gray, to go along this journey of understanding the relationship between fasting and adrenal dysfunction. We tackle how it works for the adrenals, different types, and even how this can be beneficial or detrimental for certain clients. Listen to the full episode to learn more.


Fasting Isn’t “One Size Fits All”
It is essential to conduct a thorough assessment of your clients’ adrenal function before recommending any type of fasting. This includes evaluating symptoms, conducting a thorough health history, and lifestyle assessment, and examining hormone levels and cortisol patterns as needed. Adrenal dysfunction can manifest differently in each client, and an individualized approach is necessary to determine if fasting is appropriate and how it should be implemented.

How Fasting Affects Cortisol
Fasting can lead to an increase in cortisol production because the body perceives the lack of food as a stressor and activates the stress response, triggering the release of cortisol. The rise in cortisol helps mobilize stored energy from fat and muscle tissues to maintain blood glucose levels and meet the body’s energy demands. However, as the fasting period continues, cortisol levels tend to stabilize or even decrease. This response can be different for different people, so this is where it is important to know your client, ask the right questions, and listen to how your client feels. 

The “Low and Slow” Approach
A gentle and gradual approach to fasting in patients with adrenal dysfunction can help assess our clients better. Sudden and drastic changes in eating patterns can place additional stress on the adrenal glands, potentially worsening the dysfunction. Starting with shorter fasting periods, such as intermittent fasting with a restricted eating window, and gradually increasing the fasting window can help the body adapt more effectively and reduce the risk of triggering adrenal imbalances.



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Ep 71 - Kyle Gray QC

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