Functional Foods for Liver Health With Isabelle Yang

New Series 2 Episode 8
This episode focuses on functional food for liver health. Our guest, Isabelle Yang, is a certified nutritional endocrinology practitioner and an expert in liver health. The liver needs just the right nourishment to be strong and healthy. It’s common for most individuals to have imbalances in the liver area and this can lead to numerous problems your clients may face. Tune in to learn from Isabelle how health practitioners can empower their clients in their relationship with food for liver health. It’s time to customize food to support our clients’ specific functions.


  • [04:20] Dandelion as a food to support the liver.
  • [05:54] Bile is something that we need to emulsify fat.
  • [08:33] Basil, peppermint, rosemary, and different spices among other foods all assist the liver.
  • [14:22] Foods that are harmful for the liver are vegetable oils, peanut oil, any type of processed foods, and chips.
  • [17:30] How Isabelle guides clients in her Second Heart Liver Cleanse


  • The liver is the only organ in our bodies that can regenerate. However, it won’t regenerate on its own, it needs help from us and the foods we eat to begin that process.
  • There are certain foods and herbs which support and repair the liver.
  • An emotional, spiritual and physical cleanse and lifestyle is needed to nourish and keep the liver happy.
  • Proper liver function relies on adequate sleep, movement, sunshine, fresh air and specific foods that optimize liver function.


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Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo is a best-selling author and speaker known for her extensive knowledge, infectious energy, and inspirational message that encourages individuals to become their own best health advocate. She is an internationally recognized nutrition and health authority who specializes in using the wisdom of nature to restore hormone balance with a special emphasis on thyroid, adrenal and insulin imbalances. She founded the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology to empower health and nutrition practitioners to get to the root cause of health concerns by using functional assessments and natural therapeutics to balance the endocrine system, the body's master controller.

Dr. Ritamarie is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic with Certification in Acupuncture and is a Diplomat of the American Clinical Nutrition Board. She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a Master’s in Human Nutrition, has completed a 2-year, 500-hour Herbal Medicine Program at David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies and has a master's degree in Computer Science, which contributes to her skills as an ace problem solver.