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In today's episode, I talk about a device that is reshaping the landscape of personal health — Continuous Glucose Meters (CGMs). Join me as I go over the importance of CGMs and their impact on the lives of our clients. From monitoring glucose levels to unveiling crucial insights into metabolic health, I explore how CGMs are not just devices but catalysts for positive change. So let's dive in and discover the transformative power of CGMs together.



Importance of Continuous Glucose Meters (CGMs)
Continuous Glucose Meters (CGMs) play a crucial role as valuable tools in monitoring glucose levels continuously, especially considering that 93% of the population exhibits signs of metabolic illness, indicating issues with glucose and insulin regulation.

The significance lies in the ability to monitor glucose to address potential health challenges, ranging from common issues like excess belly fat and fatigue to more severe conditions such as kidney problems and cardiovascular issues. Therefore, the continuous tracking provided by CGMs is essential for understanding and managing the metabolic health of our clients.


How and Where to Get CGMs
CGMs, exemplified by brands like Dexcom and Abbott Freestyle Libre, are devices affixed to the arm or belly to monitor glucose levels continuously. Multiple companies manufacture CGMs, and practitioners can recommend these devices for their clients. There are various CGM models, such as Dexcom G6, Freestyle Libre 2, and the more recent Dexcom G7 available.

While encountering resistance in prescribing through conventional means, there are alternative avenues for you and your clients to acquire CGMs, including online pharmacies and third-party companies, expanding accessibility to these valuable monitoring tools.


CGM Issues and Hesitations
Although CGMs are revolutionary tools in managing and understanding metabolic health, like any technology, they come with certain issues and concerns. One primary concern revolves around the perceived pain associated with CGM insertion. While the devices are designed to be relatively painless, users may still experience initial discomfort or apprehension. Financial considerations also play a role, with some individuals facing challenges in covering the costs of CGMs.

However, solutions such as exploring coupons or prescription assistance programs can help alleviate this concern. Integrating CGMs into daily life activities, like showering or swimming, raises questions about the devices’ durability and practicality. While addressing these concerns, the podcast emphasizes the importance of educating users on calibrating and spot-checking for accuracy, offering insights into optimizing CGM use. Additionally, privacy and data security concerns arise, prompting a need for individuals to understand how their data is handled and stored. 


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