The Link Between Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease with Dr. Ellie Campbell

Ep 88
This week on ReInvent Healthcare, I have a very special guest, Dr. Ellie Campbell, and together we go over the connection between oral care and the risk of cardiovascular disease. We also go over the tests that can be done as well as signs to watch out for when it comes to assessing clients who are showing symptoms or are at risk. . Dr. Ellie Campbell is a functional medicine doctor who specializes in cardiovascular disease prevention and hypertension. She is also the author of The Blood Pressure Blueprint which is a holistic guide to tackle hypertension.


Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease
Oral care can significantly impact cardiovascular disease through a complex interplay of factors. Poor oral hygiene and gum disease can lead to chronic inflammation in the mouth, which may release inflammatory molecules into the bloodstream. Harmful bacteria from the mouth can also enter the bloodstream, potentially contributing to the formation of arterial plaque and triggering immune responses

The body’s immune response to oral infections can lead to increased production of white blood cells and inflammatory markers, promoting atherosclerosis and clot formation. Also, oral health can influence existing cardiovascular conditions, such as increasing the risk of bacterial endocarditis in individuals with heart valve issues. That is why maintaining good oral hygiene and addressing oral health concerns can play a crucial role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Importance of Biomarkers
Biomarkers play a vital role in understanding the relationship between oral care and cardiovascular disease. These biomarkers provide measurable indicators of the body’s response to oral health and can help identify potential risks and underlying mechanisms.

Some biomarkers to take note of are Lp-PLA2 as well as Myeloperoxidase. These biomarkers can provide clues to the presence of dental infections and inflammation.


Collaboration between Medical and Dental Practitioners

In order to address the oral-systemic connection, there is a need for a collaboration between medical doctors and dentists. By working together, we can identify and treat dental conditions that may contribute to cardiovascular risk and improve the overall health of our clients. 

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