The Wonders of Hawthorn Berry

Ep 93
In this episode of ReInvent Healthcare, I talk about one of my favorite herbs that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, the Hawthorn Berry. This herb is a great antioxidant, is good for the cardiovascular system, and it has a whole list of other unique properties that are sure to help your clients gain optimal health. Listen to the whole episode to find out more.

Hawthorn Berry Cardiovascular Benefits
Hawthorn berry, also known as Crataegus, is well-regarded for its cardiovascular benefits. It is known for its ability to strengthen the heart muscle, lower blood pressure, and improve blood flow. It can help relax blood vessels, reduce peripheral resistance, and protect the heart from oxidative stress, making it a valuable herb for heart health.

Important Bioactive Compounds
Hawthorn berry contains several bioactive compounds that contribute to its effectiveness. Some of these include flavonoids like quercetin and hyperocide, which have vasodilatory effects and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, oligomeric proanthocyanidins and triterpene acids found in Hawthorn berry help strengthen blood vessel walls, reduce chronic inflammation, and act as antioxidants.

Clinical Studies
There have been several clinical studies that support the benefits of Hawthorn berry. For instance, a 2008 meta-analysis of 14 clinical trials found that Hawthorn extracts were associated with significant improvements in exercise tolerance, reduction of chest pain on exertion, and overall heart health. Another study from 2009 showed that Hawthorn Berry extract, when used in combination with standard heart failure medication, improved symptoms and quality of life in patients with chronic heart failure. Additionally, a 2013 study reported that Hawthorn supplementation led to significant reductions in blood pressure and improvements in cholesterol levels.

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Ritamarie Loscalzo

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