Cordyceps The Functional Fungi

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In this episode of ReInvent Healthcare, I talk about one of my favorite fungi to recommend to people and it’s Cordyceps. The use of Cordyceps dates back thousands of years and is shown to have great respiratory, cardiovascular, blood sugar, and even neurological benefits. Make sure you listen to the full episode to learn more.


Historical Medicinal Use
Cordyceps, a parasitic fungus, has a rich history of medicinal use in Tibetan and Chinese medicine. It has been employed to address issues such as fatigue, kidney disorders, respiratory ailments, and to enhance athletic performance. The historical use dates back centuries, emphasizing its enduring significance in traditional medicine.

Nutritional and Medicinal Content
Cordyceps is not only valued for its medicinal properties but also for its nutritional content. It contains amino acids, vitamins (such as B vitamins), and minerals (iron, zinc, selenium), addressing deficiencies that are common in many individuals. The presence of polysaccharides contributes to its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, it contains bioactive compounds like cordycepin, adenosine, and cordymin, each with distinct health benefits.

Diverse Health Benefits
Cordyceps demonstrates a wide range of health benefits, making it a versatile recommendation. It is known for enhancing the immune system, improving endurance and energy without the jitteriness associated with stimulants, reducing inflammation, supporting cardiovascular health by regulating blood pressure and cholesterol, aiding in blood sugar regulation, and promoting respiratory health by improving lung function. Additionally, cordyceps show promise in neurocognitive protection, potentially guarding against conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and it may even have positive effects on mood and appetite regulation. The herb’s adaptogenic properties contribute to stress mitigation, making it a holistic addition to health and wellness practices.

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