Genetic Markers & Lab Tests for Inflammation and Immunity Disorders

Ep 84
This week on ReInvent Healthcare, I go in-depth on genetic markers that relate to inflammation and autoimmune conditions. I also go over certain lab tests that can be done in order to discover which genes are expressing as well as things that can be done so that our clients can get the proper care and support they need.


The Relationship Between Genetic Markers and Inflammation
It is important to understand genetic markers that predispose our clients to inflammation and autoimmune conditions. Being able to recognize and understand these genetic tendencies and how they can be linked to various health issues, including autoimmune diseases and gluten intolerance can give you a better understanding of how to better help your clients so you can guide them with the proper diet, lifestyle, and nutrients that they need.

The Role of Lab Testing in Identifying Inflammatory Markers
Doing the proper lab tests and checking for significant markers including Highly sensitive C-reactive protein (HS-CRP), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), and homocysteine, in assessing inflammation levels is highly important. These tests provide valuable information for identifying inflammation and potential underlying causes, such as nutrient deficiencies and fatty acid imbalances.

Motivating Clients to Make Lifestyle Changes
Knowing about our clients’ genetic markers, lab results, and what they are predisposed to should help us be able to motivate our clients to make necessary lifestyle changes. By educating clients about their genetic predispositions and showing them tangible evidence through testing, we can empower them to take proactive steps to improve their health, such as adopting specific dietary changes and managing stress levels.

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Ritamarie Loscalzo

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