Relax and Sleep with Ease using Passionflower

Ep 96
In this episode of ReInvent Healthcare, I talk about a very special herb called Passion Flower. This is one of my favorite herbs to help me rest with its relaxing properties. If you haven’t tried this yet, I go in-depth in this episode so you can learn more about it and maybe incorporate it into the lives of your clients to support them if they have insomnia or sleep problems. Listen to the episode to learn more.


Calming Properties and Sleep Aid
Passionflower is known for its sedative-like properties and has been traditionally used for insomnia, supporting those who struggle with both falling asleep and staying asleep, as well as aids in calming down the nervous system, and is particularly effective in addressing a racing mind that interferes with sleep. 

Neurotransmitter Regulation
Passion Flower contains bioactive compounds like the flavonoid Chrysin, which acts as an anxiolytic by affecting GABA receptors. GABA is crucial for calming the mind especially in cases where individuals have issues with GABA downregulation. 

It is also adept at stimulating serotonin levels, which provides a calming effect and is good for those dealing with anxiety and mood disorders.

Additional Health Benefits
Linalool, a compound found in lavender, is also found in Passionflower. This possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which makes it beneficial for conditions related to inflammation and oxidative stress such as cardiovascular diseases. 

It also has a tonifying effect on the nervous system in general, helping to relax muscles and alleviate pain and spasms. Note that this is not a cure but Passionflower may also be considered for those with tendencies toward epileptic seizures and a supportive remedy for those with autoimmune diseases that can be considered in combination with other tools and remedies.

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