Sleep, the Liver and the Chinese Medicine Clock With Dr. Michael Karlfeldt

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In this episode of ReInvent Healthcare, we are joined by Dr. Michael Karlfeldt. Dr. Karlfeldt runs a multidisciplinary integrative medicine center in Boise, Idaho. Today he shares his decade-long study of sleep issues and how starting with herb therapy is not treating the underlying issues of why a person cannot stay asleep. So what organs affect our sleep? Can we treat sleep disorders with food and other lifestyle patterns? We will discuss those topics and more today on Reinvent Healthcare.


  • [03:22] Dr. Karlfeldt discusses the Chinese Body Clock and the body’s natural rhythm and how those relate to organs

  • [07:14] Detoxification of organs has a significant impact on wellness and sleeping disorders

  • [12:13] The effect of the liver on sleep and foods that can strengthen the liver

  • [15:50] How emotions and depression impact a sleep disorder

  • [21:09] The syndrome of fighting this disease with that medicine

  • [28:01] Regenerative medicine



  • When a patient consistently awakens at the same period during the night, it is most likely a result of an issue in a major organ in the body. Unfortunately, many clinicians do not ask the critical question of when do you wake up? Instead, patients take various supplements to address the problem. 
  • Food plays a critical part in sleep disorders. It may not just be the food eaten, but it can be the foods not eaten that could help. 
  • Conventional Western medicine often supports a band aid solution to sleep disorder problems. Regrettably, that treatment does not address underlying issues and only exacerbates the degeneration of the body because of lack of sleep.



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