Is Nicacin Flushing Good For You?

Ep 104
In this episode of "Reinvent Healthcare'', we look at the critical importance of metabolic health for long-term well-being. I go in-depth on the impact of diet and lifestyle, particularly sugar consumption in the US, as a major contributor to insulin resistance. The importance of blood sugar control and regulation is also covered since this ties into various health issues from blindness to diabetes to cardiovascular disease. In this week’s episode of ReInvent Healthcare, I explore the broader spectrum of niacin's impact, from lipids management to mental function to potential breakthroughs in conditions like Reynaud's syndrome. I also make mention of very interesting studies and real-life situations on how niacin flushing has improved the lives of countless people.


Importance of the Flushing Form for Lipid Management
The flushing form of niacin, specifically nicotinic acid, is crucial for lipid management, including controlling cholesterol and lipoproteins. The flushing effect is essential for the vasodilation effects that help in controlling lipoproteins. I also emphasize that the non-flushing form does not work effectively for this purpose. That is why it is good to understand the different forms of niacin.

Proper Dosing and Tolerance
Achieving the therapeutic benefits of niacin requires careful dosing and gradual increases. Starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it while monitoring for flushing effects is crucial and something I always recommend. With that, I suggest starting with a powdered form of niacin and increasing the dose slowly over time. Compliance may be a challenge due to the discomfort associated with the flushing, but I advise my clients to give it some time, see how it goes, and check the results after.

Potential Benefits Beyond Lipid Management
I go over the potential benefits of niacin beyond lipid management, including its role in depression, energy production, and even its potential impact on conditions like Reynaud’s syndrome. I have seen clients experiencing potential improvements in Reynaud’s symptoms with increased niacin intake, so I suggest trying it out with clients with similar conditions to see what works for them.


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