Adrenal Testing Options

Ep 65
In this week’s episode of ReInvent Healthcare, we go over different adrenal testing options, what sets them apart, and why they are important. Having different options is good for you and your clients to know so that they are aware of their options and how each test works.


Blood Chemistry Adrenal Tests
There are several markers of electrolyte balance on the blood chemistry that give clues about the status of the adrenals.  Testing cortisol in the morning is not sufficient since cortisol has its own circadian rhythm. For blood tests of cortisol to be useful it would need to be done 4 times a day.

Salivary Adrenal Tests
These types of tests should also be done 4-5 times a day. This test also looks at DHEA and we want to look at the sum of the Cortisol in a 24-hour period. Again, there is also a pattern to this type of test that we should be aware of since it can be a telling clue about the adrenal state.

The DUTCH Test or the Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones
This is the test that I use most and there are different versions of DUTCH Tests with different purposes that can check the adrenals, sex hormones, and also the cortisol awakening response. Additionally it tests for cortisol metabolites. 

What are Metabolites?
When cortisol is broken down for excretion, it is converted into cortisol metabolites. When we look at metabolites we are assessing the body’s ability to clear cortisol, which gives us clues about other hormone and body system functions, 


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