Functional Foods for Microbiome Balance Part 2 With Steph Jackson

New Series 2 Episode 12
This episode is part two of the Functional Foods for Microbiome Balance series. In part one, we talked about how food affects the various parts of the digestive tract and how to heal and restore balance. In this second part, we welcome back our guest, Steph Jackson, a certified nutritional endocrinology practitioner, and an expert in gut health and fermented foods. We discuss the specific foods that affect particular organisms and how restricting certain food groups impacts microbiome diversity. Tune in to learn how to heal your body with the power of the microbiome.


  • [04:00] How to handle a client’s intolerance to certain foods or food groups.
  • [09:00] Encouraging clients to have a variety in their diets to encourage good bacteria.
  • [14:00] How to add bacteria to foods.
  • [18:00] How fermentation affects lectins.
  • [25:00] Different sources of lectins.
  • [30:00] The ultimate goal is to get people to eat fresh, colorful fruits and veggies.
  • [32:00] How Quercetin can improve bacterial balance in the gut.


  • Restricting our foods can have cascading effects on our gut microbiome because we need the colorful plant chemicals to create postbiotics.
  • The main goal for a healthy microbiome is eating a variety of colorful fruits and veggies. Those who can’t tolerate specific foods can learn how to create ferments from them.
  • If you can get your clients to ferment something with bifidobacteria, they can actually have an oxalate reducing ferment which makes it easier to absorb calcium and iron better.


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Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo is a best-selling author and speaker known for her extensive knowledge, infectious energy, and inspirational message that encourages individuals to become their own best health advocate. She is an internationally recognized nutrition and health authority who specializes in using the wisdom of nature to restore hormone balance with a special emphasis on thyroid, adrenal and insulin imbalances. She founded the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology to empower health and nutrition practitioners to get to the root cause of health concerns by using functional assessments and natural therapeutics to balance the endocrine system, the body's master controller.

Dr. Ritamarie is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic with Certification in Acupuncture and is a Diplomat of the American Clinical Nutrition Board. She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a Master’s in Human Nutrition, has completed a 2-year, 500-hour Herbal Medicine Program at David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies and has a master's degree in Computer Science, which contributes to her skills as an ace problem solver.